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SKYFLD is the independent precision farming platform for modern agriculture. With SKYFLD you can monitor your crops, plan your working week, and share information with your trusted partners.

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SKYFLD provides a digital infrastructure for managing your fields, planning and documenting workflows, and is also suitable for complex operations organizations. SKYFLD enables safe data-driven live communication with colleagues, employees or advisors, guaranteeing a high level of reliability and transparency. Create your own field productivity database.

Ready to use in just three steps

Quicky set up your farm, address and contact details

Locate your field and draw the outline of the field or upload file

Set up the tramlines and add information about the field

SKYFLD® Features

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  • Our theme weeks show you how to adapt Skyfld to the requirements of your farm
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  • Reduce farm input costs
  • 3-year Biomass history as standard
  • Optimize your crops
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